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Are you fighting…with yourself?? Wondering if the items you have found at the shops or in the catalogs or online are the missing puzzle pieces you need to bring your home design to life? Sure you like each piece but, will they come together to create the image in your mind you are trying to convey. Does everything coordinate? Is it too matchy matchy. Is the sofa the right size? Will that rug last? Is the art good quality? Will this pattern be out dated by next season? These are all great questions and we can help.
Calling a designer, particularly Kelly and Heather at SDI, can take all of the anxiety out of interior design. We make designing your room or entire house easy and even fun. We have everything we need at our finger tips. We bring experience, expertise, and style to every project. We stand by our designs. From the start of an idea to arranging the finishing touches you can sit back and relax knowing SDI is with you all the way.

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